Mulled Wine Cup / New Years Day Row – By Daisy

First off I wanted to say a massive thank you to Angela, for helping organise and bring all the cakes and drinks to the day!

To Emma, for putting up with so many emails from me about date and main communication to members! To Duncan Hook for driving the launch for all races and keeping the club inline! To Mario, who kept score throughout the races! To Elizabeth, for being the photographer! Thank you all!

Secondly, Happy New Year!!

A small match report from New Years Day Row, the row was supposed to be on Boxing Day, but due to the weather we changed the date to another big event during the winter! Eg. New Years Approach!

The day started off with getting 3 quads out, 12 pairs of blades and 1 launch. The crews were

selected with a few changes on the day due to sore heads….

We managed to get all races done within an hour and fifteen mins, with crews swapping boats and socialising occurring.

Finished with a quick results ceremony! Resulting in Angela, Peter D, Leslie ad Daisy (super sub due to drop out) taking first place! Well done to everyone who participated! We hope you enjoyed your day!

Again, just wanted to say thanks and hope your new year is awesome for you!