Can you help OTRC? 🤍💙 . Help us fundraise for our car park! We are in desperate need of improving safety and accessibility, and in order to do this, we need to add grip mats. Please look at the link to donate £20 for part of a mat and put your name on our donations board! .

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Oundle Town Rowing Club is a fully inclusive Community Sports Club and welcomes members of all abilities and ages. We have a strong competitive group of adults and juniors who take part regularly in Regattas and Head Races. We also have a large group of recreational rowers and support disabled rowers and rowers with additional needs.

We are experiencing major problems with our car park which is grassed and on a slope. We can only park around 8 cars without fear of skidding or sliding. Cars frequently get stuck and have to be pushed out. This is not good for the cars and definitely not good for the people who have to rescue them. This also means we have accessibility issues for people with limited mobility. We have had an incident of a car sliding into a barrier to which an (unmanned) bike was chained. (We’ve taken steps to stop this happening again).

We need a permanent fix and have found the solution in Grass Mats. These mats are made from recycled plastic and are environmentally friendly, as they allow rainwater to continue to soak into the ground, unlike concrete or similar. They will offer a slip-resistant surface for tyre traction.

We are a small community club and we are struggling to raise the funds to cover the cost as we need 600m2 of Grass Mats to cover the car park. We are breaking this down and asking for funding by the metre square. £20 per square metre would cover the cost of purchase and installation. Your donation and support would be permanently recorded on the donation wall in our clubhouse.

Please help us create a safer environment for rowers and members of the wider community who use our facilities? Thank you.