Who are we?

The club has a boathouse on the River Nene on the Barnwell Estate south of Oundle with in excess of 25 boats ranging from singles, through double/pairs, quad/fours to an eight. There are 2 launches that provide coaching and safety cover on the three and half kilometres of river between Barnwell Mill and Lilford lock.

The club provides a rowing and fitness programme for adults and juniors year round with indoor winter training at Oundle Primary School. For Adults we have racing squads which aim to compete in Regattas and Head races on a competitive basis. We have enjoyed success at these and the National Veteran Championships. Alternatively should you wish to pursue a sport for fitness without competition, rowing is a fantastic way of burning off the calories. For Juniors we have a similar setup for the junior section of the club as for the adults. This includes after school sessions in term time. However as with the adult section should you wish to try out a new sport without competition we offer more relaxed sessions where you can enjoy it at your own pace.

What our members say

What makes the club so successful?
How do you measure success? Many rowing clubs look at the wins that they achieve and look for better results year on year. focussing their efforts on their elite squads. For us, success is creating an environment where all members can enjoy their rowing. Whatever your ability and aspiration, there is a seat in a boat for you. We have our fair share of winners as well...

Simon Murray

We are unconventional, compared to most rowing clubs, and have designed/developed a format within which most people can find a place whether they want Special Needs rowing, Social/Recreational, U3A or are Students returning from University. We still have that "new" feeling in that we know that we can do it, do it our way and follow our own path. We've broken the mould...

Anita Dunn

There’s a simple answer to that – the people. The club wouldn’t be as enjoyable or as successful with-out all the people who muck in and help out in all the big and not-so-big ways. Long may it continue!

Angela Hook

The club is successful due to many reasons but the main ones for me are; great coaching from all, incredible stretch of river that is just beautiful, the members of the club, the humour and fun we all have together...

Daisy Attley

I think part of it is the attraction of the sport itself…there is something very special about getting out on the water. I also think we attract folk who enjoy the physical exercise bit but appreciate the banter, the social aspect and the inclusiveness that flows through our veins...

Alan McMurdo