Dear Rowers,

Advice for Affiliated Clubs

Current Advice Updated 20 March 2020

Following the measures announced by the Government on 20 March, British Rowing strongly advises that all Affiliated Clubs should cease all club-based activity as soon as reasonably possible tonight and not reopen tomorrow until further notice. This advice will be reviewed, on an ongoing basis, in line with Government guidance.

What does ‘club-based activity’ mean?

It is important for the whole of society that we all strictly follow the Government guidance around coronavirus and specifically that around self-isolating and social distancing. For this reason, we are advising all Affiliated Clubs to cease all club-based activity (including on-water, off-water training, single sculling, social functions on-site and congregating as a group off-site).

What about single-scullers in private boats?

Whilst we fully support the importance of maintaining physical and mental health during this difficult time, it is our advice that single sculling, whether through private land or club facilities ceases until further notice. We feel that there is no justification for the travel between a person’s home and their rowing club being classed as anything but ‘non-essential travel’.