Foreword by Race Organiser Simon Murray…….
We’re nearing the end of the regatta season and Sudbury is very much in the tra-dition of club regattas; a dodgy stretch of river, proper beer tent, live music, good at-mosphere, very friendly and real pots for the winners. The course itself is only 650 me-tres but includes several features (bends, banks) which provide additional chal-lenges for the competitors (especially if you’re steering). It’s not always the fastest crew that wins – many a race is won by the crew that can keep in lane.
After a successful day out last year, eleven OTRC crews took part, mak-ing the long trip into deepest Suffolk. The advance party set off with the trailer the day before to be certain of getting a good spot on the regatta field. The weather forecast had veered (?) from fine and sunny to torren-tial rain and thunderstorms. We had both. It was the first regatta I’d been to where the organisers had to implement the thunderstorm plan. Unlucky if you’d just boated. Fortunately the heavens opened at a time when most of the OTRC contingent (except Daisy) were safely under cover of the Milborne shelter.
Although it was a long day (for some) a great time was had by all, the prize for the most cake eaten went to Hugh; man of the match was Peter who was in the club’s first and last crews to race so enjoyed the regatta experi-ence for the full day.
As ever, many thanks to John and “wingman” Jo for getting the trailer to and from Sudbury, and to those who helped with the re-rigging back at the club on Sunday.

Read full report here – Sudbury Regatta – August 2017

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