Race organiser Simon Murrays race preamble;
The usual format for these introductions is to remark on the weather for the event and a brief summary of our performances. Safe to say that this time the former was better than the latter. Rain accompanied our departure from the club at the customary early Sunday morning start, but had cleared by the time we arrived at Nottingham.
From our vantage point opposite the finish, the course looked inviting in the warm early summer sunshine with a gentle (see below) breeze blowing. So it was with some optimism that we rigged boats and prepared ourselves to race. Near the start the
gentle breeze had transformed into a tempest of near biblical proportions making
attaching to the stake boats particularly tricky. Our limited experience in these
conditions made the races more challenging and contributed to the slower than
expected times. Despite this, the club spirit shone through and cheered by our sup-porters a good day out was had by all.
Thank you to all those who came to watch, especially Daisy; to Angela, Claire, Brian and others who managed the de-rigging and trailer loading beforehand; and Anita

Read the full report here – Nottingham Masters and Club Regatta – May 2017

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