Race organiser Anita Dunn’s race preamble;
The South Yorkshire Head Saturday February 11th 2017
After a desperately early rise for those racing in Div 1, some shenanigans for John with the “Big Trailer” and delays on the A1 for others, we found ourselves with little time for rigging but in true OTRC spirit, we all helped one another and the damage was limited.
This event is always a challenge as the distance is the longest on our regular calendar, 4km, and there had been doom & gloom from the weather forecasters about the weather such that the race organisers sent various missives about appropriate cloth-ing and not being allowed on the water. Fortunately the weather was not quite as chal-lenging as forecast and the Doncaster RC members were as kind and accommodating as ever.
The day flew by in frantic activity getting boats on & off the water and getting crews ready.
We have one definite win for the McCormack MasE 4x- beating the Hurford MasE 4x- by 1 sec allowing plenty of potential for banter & “friendly” rivalry there.
There are also some disputed results yet to be resolved, so there may be further wins.
Thanks to all the competitors, the supporters who helped tired & cold crews off the water and with de rigging along with the trailer drivers John & Peter.
The hardiest and earliest back made it to the pub but many were still warming up and the gathering was small but the tales were still as tall.
As ever I am thankful to be part of such a wonderful club as OTRC.
The next event is either Abingdon or Bedford on April 9th, see you there.

Read the full report here – Febuary 2017 – Doncaster Head

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