Race organiser Simon Murrays race preamble;
Ten of the more enthusiastic club crews signed up for this event and we well rewarded with the most benign conditions for racing.
Temperatures were above 20 deg.C for most of the day and the wind on-ly picked up for the later divisions, i.e. after we had finished our races. Every little helps. As usual, everyone mucked in and helped with all the loading/rigging etc., making the organiser’s job that much easier. A special thank you to Dick for towing the trailer, with all the attendant tasks and responsibilities that entails.
A good day’s racing was marred only by the lack of bacon sandwiches as the cafe next to the boating area was closed. This clearly explains some of the performances de-scribed below.
Man of the match has to be Richard, who arrived in time for the first division, armed with camera to record the event, and was the last of our crews to race, in between helping everyone else with their boats, oars, etc. Mind you, I haven’t seen the photos yet…

Read the full report here – Bedford Head – April 2017

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